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Redundant: superfluous, unecessary
Offesnsive: position of attack, aggression, insulting

dvmcraps, That is your second pointless post here. What exactly is your stock in this issue? Besides missing the point and mis-quoting, what exactly is it you would like to say here. You don't like the idea, take your own advice and scroll on.

I didn't think the idea was that hard to grasp. Kirbyslawn got it. Get the meaning of the word and the intent of the thread and I fail to see any intelligent reasoning so far, thats negates the idea.

I'm seeing some unintelligeable muttering about irony and how this has been extensively argued...

And then most say 'just ignore the posts'. Thats part of the issue. Many of the threads new members post get skipped by many that could add some of the most valuable comments. WHY, because they are the same threads, they are superfluous and they are getting scrolled past. Often less experienced LCO's answer the questions less than adequately or even innacurately all together.
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