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I will be building a shop this spring and will be sectioning off an area to wash my machinery and cars etc. What I wanted to know was what size of an area are you guys using. I went to the local self car wash and took some measurements. They are 26' long x 14' wide. Definetely way too narrow for anything larger than a car.
What materials did you use for the walls, do you have any roof ventalation, how many drains etc. I'm thinking of running radiant floor heating since we are in a colder climate here. I've been trying to find a site where they sell some good pressure washers and car wash accessories, does anyone know of a good site for this?
Normally I just wash my stuff on the driveway, but ideally want to be able to wash year round. I'm just a clean freak I guess.

Thanks for any imput.

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