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Hey if you are still wanting measurements for a wash bay we have one at my full time job, we built a new warehouse and have only been in it for about 6 months now, the bay is nice, warm, but it is really alot more hassle than its worth, we wash alot of equipment in the bay, and the grease is terrible, I mean it gets on the walls, floor, everywhere. The walls are white, and of course the grease shows up great, easy to clean, it just takes alot more time to clean when you are in a tight spot where all the dirt and grease can only fly so far. One thing for sure though, be sure you put at least a 6" - 8" drain in the floor,with the usual grate over the drain, Mud is bad enough but as far as grass unless you plan on scooping it up I think you will have trouble getting it down a drain anything smaller. So all in all it has it disadvantages as well as advantages, but just by guessing without a tape, I would say its 20' x 16', a 14'T x 12'W rool up door, a 3' side door on one end, then a set of double walk through doors on the other end leading back into our warehouse. If you decide to do this the best thing I have learned from the bay we have is be sure to HAVE both cold and hot water, if you have any more questions or decide you want pics then just let me know. Hope this helps.
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