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When you get into the gvw and towing weights that people are using the super duties for, one shouldnt have to worry about "beating" on the tranny, or just working it for that matter. No matter how well ford designs the tranny it wont compare to the allison. I have heard some reports on the specs on the new 5sp,clutch packs and torque convertor sizes are way smaller than the allison. Plus I hear no grade braking feature, with precludes a very stout design as the weight of the truck is now being stopped or held back by the tranny. Ford really needs to look at this issue very well before it starts testing the new tranny on the public.
One reply I heard on the ford diesel page was that , We know the auto tranny has problems, and we are trying to make it better, but we have done about all we can do, so you have to just live with what we have until we can figure out something else.
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