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You must be putting down about 2" huh?

Here's something to look at:

4.5 yds of mulch needed

A) Bagged mulch-61 2cu. ft. bags x $1.99=$121.39

B) Wholesale unbagged-4.5 x $21=$94.50

Since your wholesale price is higher than mine I would probably charge $50-$60 per yd. so I would have bid around $225-$270 (Realistically more like $270). Which would mean I would make about $175 profit ($270-mulch cost ($94)=$176)

One guy can do a yard an hour usually so it would take about
4.5hrs which would mean you I would make about $39/hr. (That is if I did all my math right!!!) which is pretty good in my area.

In other words I probably would have bid a little higher.
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