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Originally posted by Del9175
I can hual at least a yard in a regular two wheeled wheelbarrow, which takes about a minute to load.....I can easily spread 50 or so bags in under two hours. I can also hual over 5 yards in a standard pickup without any racks. That of course is when I buy a whole pallet. They just slide 'er right on in.
Man if you can get five yards of mulch (with the plastic bags and pallet) in the bed of your truck, I'd like to see the size of your truck.

We can barely fit 6 cu. yds. of bulk mulch on one of our 16 ft. by 6 ft. trailers. Maybe it's just the supplier we go through.

Our mulch cost us anywhere from $12 to $22 (depending on the type of mulch / Hardwood, midnight, playsoft, pine fines, pine mulch, colored mulch or compost). The only mulch we get in bags is Cypress Mulch.

I would really look into getting bulk mulch. You will get more bang for your buck. And if you do buy in bulk, pick one or two suppliers and stick with them.

Johnathon Vaughn
Elite Lawn & Landscape Inc.
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