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If this is your first year in the business and you feel like you could use some quick pointers than a starter kit may be for you. They will help you get started by answering general questions, provide you with letters, templates, and forms but some seem to lack alot of depth.

Some starter programs are better than others, I bought one a while back called summer 101, and personally felt that it was a waist of my time. Save your money, I'll give you my copy.

From what I understand Sean, the creator of this site offers a program that you can purchase that answers question and has good information, tips etc. You may want to contact him for more info.

The best advice I could give you is the same advice Team Gopher mentioned which is write a list of question that you need answers to and do some quick searches on this site and you will find most of your answers.

If its forms, templates, brochure ideas, advertising ideas, sales letters, etc that you seek just ask, most poeple on this site are more that willing to share that kind of information.

Good luck with what ever you decide to do.
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