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Originally posted by BOSS MAN
i would say get a 52" toro walk behind only if the yards you're mowing will permit it and i'd get a 48" ZTR instead of a 52" the 48" is much more maneuverable
Nope. A 48" isn't more maneuverable. The 52" is just as manuverable as the 48" but have more advantages than the 48".
1. The 48" has very very little trim side ability. The 52" has more overhang on the deck to get it closer to things. Less trimming involved.
2. The 52" has more ground speed, so with bigger properties you have more ability with faster speed and more deck width.
3. The 52" HP is the same lenght as a w/b so you can take it into any place a w/b can go, same with 48".
4. I have a 48" mower and 52". 99.995% of the time the 52" will go ANYWHERE a 48" will go.
5. My business is mainly residential customers and i've run the 48" and the 52". The 52" lazer HP is the perfect mower for it. I can take it anywhere a 48" will go but still have the speed and ability of a bigger mower for the larger properties. I keep a 36" on the trailer for gated areas.
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