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Don't let someone who seems nice slide with out a contract if they stiff you your be out of luck.

Don't spend more money then you have. Know your balance and always have that in the back of your mind.

Don't commit to too many auto expenses you can be nickeled and dimed to death from Payroll services, Yellow pages, Credit card machines, News paper ads.

Most important learn to adapt to your situation if you need 60 lawn accounts and your not getting them fast enough you need to see that and change your tactics.

Be a leader you own the business not your friends not your employees certainly not your wife or parents. Listen to their criticism but know when they are wrong it is gona take a while to show every one you were right to believe in your self and risk your lifeís savings.

Learn to love talking to your customers even when your not in the mood or you personally donít like them they pay for the food on your table so listen to their concerns your last a lot longer if you do.

Be open to new machines and ideas that will save you time and make you more money i.e. rake and tarp work great blower and leaf plow work much better.

Love what you do its only work if you donít like what your doing.
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