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Hey Alpine, as a new guy to the industry I agree with finescapes and the others.. its going to take more then a 21" especially if your going to be productive.. I plan to start with at least a 36" Exmark wb redmax, stihl or echo blower, edjer and trimmer. these guys on lawnsite know their stuff. You will break your back trying to do this biz with a 21" especially on the larger lawns . even last summer when I did my lawn with my 21" snapper it got tiring real quick, If you cannot afford it hustle and bustle with the 21" with the goal of saving up for at least a 36" with sulky even if you have to go used you should be able to find a good deal, then save up for 52 ztr which will cut your work time drastically, work your way up, invest your money back into the equipment as your business grows. I have a game plan, I am putting together. I know all of you are ready to hit the grass for spring. I am excited
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