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Hey Zima, sounds like your on the right track, as a new guy to the biz, the guys here on lawnsite are a blessing. the first thing I am going to tell you the rest of the guys are going to hammer home to you.. You will need to upgrage your equipment. I don't know what your finances are. but you will need to look into getting a 36" walkbehind with sulky. or if you can get a 52" Ztr(rider) , Exmark, Hustler, andScag, seem to be the top choices here on Lawnsite, they can get expensive ranging anywhere from $3,000 for the 36" wb to over $10,000 for the ztr's, the decks range in sizes from 36" to 72" , though these machines are expensive they will more then make up for it with cutting down your time. you will be able to do 10 - 20 properties per day vs the couple you do with your 21". you will become way more efficient and your potential for profit will jump thru the roof. Your worth ethics and quality seem to be in place. Once you upgrade your equipment you will do very well. I will be starting this season. I plan on starting with at least the 36" or 48" exmark wb, the equipment of choice for blowers, trimmers and edjers, seem to be redmax, Shindawa, Stihl and Echo in about that order. the senior guys here at lawnsite will have invaluable information to pass on to you regarding the growth and expansion of your business, take everything thay say and run with it.. good luck. We also have a Network forum for Atlanta. if you look under the network with people in your area. then go to the atlanta forum. their are some people i know who are in roswell right next door to you, I myself am in conyers Ga, which is about 25 miles east of the Metro-Atlanta Area.. you have any specific questions that are state specific don't hesistate to ask us..
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