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To add to what Lux said above, I can't stress enough the importance of you and your equipment looking the best it can along with some kind of logo'd shirts/caps etc. Assuming you do better than average work, if you can separate yourself from the pack, with a better "image", you will grow more quickly. Never give up on always making a better-than-average looking appearance. And you dont need new trucks and equipment to make a good impression. Just keep things clean, neat and logo'd.

One more thing...dont be discouraged in your first year. Unless you are lucky, it will take at least 2 seasons for your hard work to start paying off. Sit down and write the "Ten Commandments for My Business" the things that will make you better than the rest.....and NEVER deviate from matter how hard the first year of 2 is...It WILL pay off in the long run if you hang in there
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