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Vandora Lawn:Ford and other makes by EPA and other federal laws must govern all vehicles. Its the same as changing a chip in a car, camaro, mustang GT and even police cars use US Gear chips. They cannot put performance chips on vehicles from the factory because the department of transpertation and other emmision laws regulate fuel flow exhaust flow and much more, if you look anywhere NHRA, IHRA, IRAS, performance shops, RV shops and more they all recommend these purchases becuse its only releasing the power that has been governed by the government. And agian if I wasnt clear: Ford, GMC, Dodge and others cannot put these items on from the factory becuse they cannot same reason why dont they put a Yammaha or Kenwood sterios in there cars or trucks there better than OEM but they cannot. Why dont they put Crager or other style rims on becuse they can only put there items on there cars or trucks and which where accepted by motorvehicle regulations. Go to Yahoo Vandoro and type in performance chips and you will be amazed at the amount of people and manafactures that make and run these items.
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