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Not trying to offend people but its one of those cliques. If ya havent tried it dont knock it!! Once you install it youll say WOWWOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOW why didnt I do that years ago If you work or play with your truck this is a must our 1st 97 posted here averaged 70hp at wheel and a whopping 200lbs of tourque. Our second 97 is going to have the Banks Powerpack kit on it which pumps out 350 hp and 750lbs tourque but have to change stall converters to a manual lock up to handle that power. But next project is to locate another MOPAR muscle car for my wife says her F350 Powerstroke can wait on the Banks kit if we buy a CUDA or a Challenger and shes the boss, but she tried my truck out and loves the power, now cant get her out of it LOL.
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