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Originally posted by GeoffDiamond
The reason they recomend removel of the chip, is because the chip voids your warrenty.

Thats why I leave my powerstrokes stock.

Sorry, incorrect. The warranty could only be voided if the defect could be directly related and proven to be caused by the chip. I quote Mike "We do advise pulling the Superchip prior to service, but not because of warranty considerations. We advise this simply so that the technician doesn't have any problems when they connect your vehicle to the SBDS (service bay diagnostic system). Having the Superchip installed during diagnostics will not interfere with that process, but with the Superchip attached there will be another error code reported, it's a P0605 code I think, that tells the technician that the computers internal eprom chip is not functioning, and because it's not replaceable, to replace the computer! In other words, they think the computer has actually failed because that chip is not functioning, most techs do not know how that external override data path circuit works. You see, when you attach the Superchip, engaging the circuit tells the comptuer to turn off it's internal eprom chip, and to seek it's instructions externally, via the Superchip. So the factory eprom chip is not supposed to be working with the Superchip attached, that's the whole idea, to avoid using that factory program! Conversely, when you remove the Superchip, that circuit acts like an on/off switch, and turns back on the factory eprom chip.

I installed a tripod gauge system to monitor my turbo, trans, and boost

Here is several good threads about chips:

Anthony, Brian is right on the money, the power is great. I ordered a Super Chip because it removes the speed limiter, hit 105mph (only did it once)with little difficulty. I ordered mine from Mike Troyer (540) 862-9515 Email: One of the smartest, most knowledgable guys I have talked to about chips, you would think he made them. They can be ordered online:
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