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Lace Bug

Machine, Bob is correct oOrthene will be your best choice to control this pest. Just in case you dodn't know this pest is on the underside of the laef area and is quite difficult to control with a contact insecticide like Bifentrin(Talstar). Orthene is an systemic and will translocate through the plant and do a great job. Good scouting will tell you when to begin your treatments next year. Iam asumming youre not to far off from us in Ohio in spring weather. I would begin treatments in mid May. And treat every 4-6 weeks to the plant pushes new green laeves.
If this is maintenance account or you are there at least oncea month I would do at no charge for a season. Try to something else on the property when doing this and hide the cost in another service ie. like bed work or pruning. You can spray with a hand can or a back pack sprayer and get at least 30 day control.
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