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Ford will void the warranty if the chip is on it,you have broken laws with it,and are in violation of the emissions laws by tampering with the fuelling of the engine.Any tampering,or unanthorized fueling increase voids warranty-its simple and in print in the emissions warranty section.The reason Ford doesnt put them in stock is 2 fold,!1st off,the increased power will bring increased warranty work to an already weak auto,especially in the 97 and downs.The biggest resson is the engine wouldnt pass emissions testing with the chip-its a dirty engine already-like my 12V Cummins was,they will be replaced by a 6.0 that is stronger,lighter,more durable and cleaner.As you guys must know already PSD's can make a lot of power-but they get into EGT trouble very easily,starting at 300hp and above,especially in the non intercoolerd 97 and older.Any chip install should be accompained by a set of boost/egt guages like Ray/Kirby has.If you werent watching the EGT guage,you might burn the motor up-BIG$$$$$$.This is definetrly not covered under warranty.As for 1000 ft lbs-a PSD will never make those torque #'s,without the assist of propane,and even if it does-kaboom! is inevitable.Those #'s are reserved for the strong bottom ends and big fuel pumps of the little 5.9 Cummins in the Dogdge trucks.1000ft lbs/400 hp is just about right for them-kinda like a 300/600 PSD.Here's a real strong Dodge-just set the record in the 1/4 mile, Lets see some bad PSD's.

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