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TimTurf, Potash is a naturally occurring mineral essential for both plant and animal life. It binds to other substances such as sulfur hence sulfate of potash. Organic does not exclude naturally occurring substances nor do minerals equate with synthetic. The addition of Sustain may not even be necessary in the Summer if soil tests indicate that the proper nutrients are available to the lawn. It is a vehicle to provide small doses of P and K should the lawn require it. Corn Gluten Meal has been tauted as being the following 10-0-0 all slow release.
However it should not be viewed in the same manner as a synthetic 10-0-0 as it is only made available to the turf by the active microorganisms in the turf. And the Organisms will not make it available to the turf unless the turf provides sugars to the micro organisms in exchange for the nitrogen. In essence the nitrogen potential of the corn gluten meal is locked away in the corn gluten until it is paid for in sugar currency by the plants which will only pay for what they need and use.
It is true that the corn gluten meal will interfere with new plant germination and our efforts to spot seed may well be in vain. It is our theory that we may be able to add a mixture of compost, topdressing, alfalfa and seed to the areas to be spot seeded in hopes to at least balance out the total effect of the corn gluten meal. We are not sure this will work but we intend to try.
****I would like to reiterate that this post was not an attempt to promote an organic approach to lawn care nor to invite debate as to its merits or lack there of.****
Positive feedback and solutions to potential problems are welcome.
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