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Dodge is staying with Cummins-the website has a confirmation letter from Daimer-chrysler on thier site.The baby PSD is a 4.5 liter v-6,it is a light duty (under 8500) diesel,for the F150,and expedition.The new 6.0 will replace the Powerstroke.Geoff I cant figure out why you would be disappointed-the 6.0 will dust the 7.3,while getting better MPG,starting faster,and requiring less maintance.It also weighs about 100 lbs less than the 7.3.Hp should be in the 300-325 range with torque around 525-550.Emmisions are so much cleaner on the new 6.0 that much more fuel can be added without the typical smoke the PSD belches as HP gets near 300.
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