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G lawnboy,

2.1lbs of n per 1000 is too much spring nitrogen
another 2.8 lbs of N per 1000 in fall

How much n, p, k from 5-2-4 sustane is unknow since application rate not given

Appears your program doesn't provide enough p and k!!!!!! Maybe none if you omit the sustane summer application!!!

A lot of people consider something an organic only if it comes from something once living!!!!

Yes, something that is mined and not altered by man is considered a natural product!

AND YES, the OMRI, organic material review institute, does give 5-2-4 from sustane the stamp of approval, even though it contains sulfate of potash, ( not an organic), feather meal, and turkey litter!

This forum as never definned organic fertilizer, or a natural fertilizer!!!

A lot of fertilizer products mined are altered by man, usually to make them more readily available!!!!

In closing, I usually would accept sulphate of potash in a natural organic fertilizer program.
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