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We found a local distributer for an number of products including sulfur of potash 0-0-50. We know it seems our nitrogen application seems high for spring but we are using a product called weed ban which consists of 100% Organically grown corn gluten meal that when applied at 20 lbs per thousand acts as a pre-emergent. The grasses will have to handle the excess availability of nitrogen and we are prepared to cut as part of the program. Also the release of the nitrogen occurs over a three week time period and we are prepared to not feed in late spring or summer. If we have to cut down in the spring we will to a total of 18 pounds. but not until the second year if we can not handle the growth or the lawn seems to be adversely affected.

It is my understanding that the 10-0-0 notation to denote the amount of n-p-k of corn gluten meal is only a potential representation. It has been suggested that it can reach as high as 15-0-0 if there is a demand by the plants for that large an amount - or as low as 5 if there is little or no demand.

I am not sure about the following but it may be that some of the microbes or bacteria will use the excess nitrogen to continue in the composting of the organic matter or in some way it will bind to molecules to escape into the air???

As for those who consider organics as something that only comes from something that was once living it is safe to say that all organics contain trace elements that are not alive and that are returned to the earth when the organism dies so that another organism can use said non organic element in its continued health. Iron supplements are a must for menstruating females as they lose too much and can have failing health with out it.
I am sure you can think of other non organics that are essential to continued health that reside in your body.
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