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G lawnboy,

Please list your revised program that includes sulfate of potash!

Going to apply corn gulten meal when the nitrogen can vary from 5% to 15%? Don't really know what you are feeding in terms of actual n per 1000? Do you?

The grass will handle the excessive spring nitrogen, and it will weaken the plant going into the summer months!!!!!!!!

NO, THE MICROBES OR THE BACTERIA will not use the excessive nitrogen, the grass will or it will leach. Three week release isn't very long!

Some of the sythetic nitrogens release by microbes, just like your corn gluten meal!

Why don't you check out EARTH WORKS, located in Pa.
Have a great product, but most are fortified, some even have molasase to help feed the microbes.

Corn gluten meal doesn't give great results on crab and goose control, and make take many years to achieve!!!!!!! Three or more years!

Are you ging to add some p, and what would the product be?

Still believe you are over feeding the turfgrass! 3 to 3.5 lbs per 1000 of nitrogen would be more than enough for average turf density IF clipping are returned
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