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TimTurf, you are correct about the grass becoming weak going into the summer months as well as right that this is way too much nitrogen in the spring. In our regular program we apply .5 lbs of N in early spring and .75 lbs of N in the late spring .
You can know a thing until it is lifted from the norm then even though it is still the same you fail to recognize it. Trying so hard to come up with a viable solution in a month is taxing our attention.
We only read the rates that the Weed Ban needed to be applied to obtain the results of a pre emergent and tried to come up with a schedule of application that wouldn't be dumped on the lawn all at one time. It seems we are going to have to do with out a pre emergent application in spring and settle for our fall application to control as many broad leaf weeds germinating then.
We are detemined to offer a synthetic free organic program and are going to have to trust that it can be done. It seems that this program will not be making us much money if we end up spending a lot of time manually killing weeds and handling calls concerning crabgrass.
We are still revising this program and we are looking into Pelletized Bone Meal(1-13-0) with 30% calcium.
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