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I just put dual batterys in both my 89GMC,and my 91 GMC.It wasnt to bad,and boy do they crank fast now-wow it spins it like its warm before when its 25 degrees out now.I used top/side mount batterys in both trucks.The ideal thing is to find a wrecked 6.2 diesel in the wrecking yard and rob the cables and tray,from both batterys.If you cant do that your best way is to go to an auto parts store and buy a made up cable for the ground on the aux. battery.Measure the lenth needed,from the engine block or accesory bracket,to the - side of the battery,then add about 6" to give it room to move.The positive side can be done a few ways,one is to just make a long ,heavy cable to connect the 2 together in parallel,which is what I did,since GM does it this way on the diesels.You might be able to buy one,if not,buy universal new ends and make one up from one to the other.i have a friend that puts his plow pump motor on the 2nd battery,and uses a battery isolator to keep them separate,this means his main lights never flicker,but it costs more and your plow wont cycle as fast as with 2 batterys.
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