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I love it when they try to pass my big slow(haha) 4x4 truck.Ive had kids banging on the steering wheel in frustration trying to pull away from me,especially at highway speeds the Cummins is lethal.Its weird that its not really reving high,but it just pushes you into the seat,you look at the tach-its at only 2100,boost at 30-32 PSI.I do not know much about PSD's,but a good rule of thumb with the B-series Cummins 5.9 is,for every 10PSI of boost you are making-it puts out around 10HP.Some guys are running 50+PSI,this puts them at 500hp.Mine was at 30-32 which is 300-320hp.I beleive that to be accurate,because it dyno'd at 260 ish.From what others on the TDR have done,it always works.My truck stock,put out 18-19 psi-it was rated at 180hp-right on the money.
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