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Property: 122,000 sq. ft (8000 sq. ft. Hybrid, remaining is common), Bermuda grass, located just south of Atlanta.

Bid specs call for:
App. 1 - Jan/Feb - light fert, prem, broadleaf postm for winter weeds
App. 2 - Mar/Apr - fert, prem
App. 3 - Jun - heavy slow release fert
App. 4 - Aug/Sep - fert
App. 5 - Oct - fert, prem, broadleaf postm
App. 6 - Dec - potassium based fert

Bid spec also calls for spot treatment May-Sep for broadleafs and insects and disease controls "as needed".

I've just got my license (aren't you proud of me Lawrence?) and this is the first job I'm putting out a bid on. What is a reasonable price for the 6 apps? Can you even put a price on the "as needed", or should that be treated as an adder? What should I have as a ratio for cost of material to sale price? Any product recommendations and other info would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Bond
Southern Manor Landscaping
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