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I took the 2+ terminals and connected them together in parallel.This gives you 12 volts,but double the reserve capacity,and cranking amps-it will make the plow so much faster and the motor will last a lot longer too.I bought 2 brand new Interstate Mega-tron 725CCA batteries,put them both at the same time.My plow flies back and forth now,and hardly any dimming of the lights when lifting/angling.I got my + cable from my Dad's 1980 Caprice Wagon,it was a diesel new,and its had a gas motor in it for 15 yrs now,so it has only had one battery in it,I just pulled the thick cable that went from one batt to the other,it fit great,I just secured it to the radiator shroud and it looks like the factory did it.I used the - terminal from that car too-since it was just dangling.It cost me 37 for the tray,brand new at GMC dealer.My total cost with 2 new batteries was about 160,not bad considering how much it'll help while plowing.
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