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been looking at some prices on the new chevy w/duramax. Saw one down in florida, a 3/4 ton, 4x4, extended cab, and the guy was asking 45k for the truck with the new engine. OUCH.

I hope this is not reflective of what this new engine is going to run, as I will have to pass, no matter how good it is.

diesel motors are starting to scare me these days. A few years ago, the price of diesel was always less than regular, and the savings was substantial at the pump. For the last couple of years, diesel prices are SOARING. Summer, the price is 10 cents higher/gal than regular, and winter, who knows, seen it jump up to 50 cents + more than regular. I am seriously wondering anymore if a diesel is economical. Between the intitial cost of 4k (or maybe 8k for the duramax) over a gas, you have to wonder if diesels are worth it anymore. Plus, considering the bigger gas engines are getting better and better mileage, you really have to think it over. Even if you have to replace the gas motor later down the road, it seems like it still may be more economical to plan replacing it rather than shelling out all that money up front for the diesel.

I hope that chevy is designing the duramax as a work motor, and keeping prices in check. I fear that they are going to put a hefty tag on it just so all these yuppie, city folks who buy surburbans and dual wheel trucks for 'image' have something else to spend there stock market money on.


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