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Compost Making FAQ - Part 4

benefits of organic matter in the soil far outweigh any real or
presumed biohazard from residential residual biocides in
municipal yard trimmings.

If you want *real* environmental concerns to address, try
arsenic in treated lumber, salts from road de-icing, motor oil
>from crankcases, household batteries in solid waste, lead in
wine bottle wrappers, mercury in electric shoes, runoff of lawn
fertilizers, nitrates in drinking water, rural burn barrels,
on-site dumping, unlined landfills, agricultural nutrient
runoff, incinerator emissions, and 1001 other documented
environmental concerns.

I get tired of people bashing compost and sewage sludges over
perceptual biohazards such as lawn chemicals in grass clippings
and inks in newsprint. It is difficult enough to permit and
operate composting facilities when people we environmentally
concerned composters would think would be our allies, the
organic gardeners, turn out to be some of our biggest opponents.

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