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Maybe I'm putting my foot in my mouth here by saying this as I have done nothing but complain about chevy prices.

I went out looking for a new truck the other night and found some real nice 1 ton 2000 left overs with great incentives. Then.........I drove by a dealer, and there it was, a 2001 chevy 2500HD.

It was just very impressive. Who ever mentioned looking underneath is exactly right. The frame is just a monster, along with everything else. I lost my thought process, and before I knew it I was signing a purchase agreement and sure enough, have a chevy parked outside my house!

Drove to work today, where we have all chevy chevy 3/4 and 1 tons dumps, and the comparison between this truck and the old is just tremendous. The frame on our 98 3/4 ton looks like a toothpick compared to this truck.

Also, I will say that break feel is much improved. Too me, chevys have always had a soft, 'am I going to stop?' touch to them, especially after they get a few miles on them. Now, not being use to the new system, I find myself almost boucning off the windshield everytime a light turns red. The new 4 wheel discs are just leaps and bounds over the old system.

As for choice, yes, it is limited. I was lucky in that the truck was delivered about 6 hours before I got there. Perfect for what I wanted. Basically a stripped down contractors model, no frills. 4x4, 6.0 liter, trailering package, snow plow package, automatic, locking real differential, A.C. and 4.10 gears. Even in the right color. It is exactly what I would of ordered. They said they got 6 in, and I was the 4th person to buy one that day and they had deposits on the remaining 2 already. Was lucky because truck was basic, which most people aren't looking for.

The nice thing too is the transmission temp gage. Seems like something that has been needed for a long time, and its nice to be able to keep an eye on it (especially after reading the article on chucks pages about transmission maintenace). Also, the trailer set up package is perfect. Everything is all wired up, ready to go. Real goofy looking receiver that is almost part of the frame. They know include a wire harness that plugs right into the fuse box so that all you have to do is to put brake controller on is plug it in, crimp some wires together, and bam, done. I always have dreaded running wires all around.

Only real complaint I have is the seemingly ever increasing percentage of crappy plastic in the cab. Seems like If I hit my leg against the dash, the hole thing could crack. But, I guess that's just about for most trucks these days. Just wish they would make the interior as heavy duty as the rest of the truck.


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