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cemeterys can be profitable. I just started out last year and that is how I got my start. You will have to walk it and then walk it again. Go with your gut insticnt. When I first bidded the one we mow I came up with a pretty high price. I thought that I was way high, and was afraid of not getting the bid. So I dropped my bid and low and behold we got the bid. And of course as the summer went on I found out the hard way I was a little low. But now I have made up for it this year, as we got the contract this year as the cemetery was not even put out on bids. So just really think about it , If you have any idea as far as mowing times go as well as trimming I think that you will do ok. Our cemetery we mow every week and trim every other week.If you do get the bid and are low, dont get fusterated. Just work hard and do good work I am sure they would have you back. I know this aint the type of reply that you wanted but I thought that I would share my screwup, which in return turned out great!!!
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