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Growing decent roses is an art, and people like them in their own ways, I ask what they are looking for in their blooms, lots of blooms, or do they want several really nice flowers.....I usually cut them down 1/2 to 3/4 in height, and treat them with disease and insect control....I planted 200 Jackson and Perkins for a client, and told them they would need constant attention, They did not want to pay for me to do it, they wanted to maintain and enjoy them themselves.........I advised them the sucker shoots coming from the root ball are very spiny and will kill the bushes eventually and need to be removed, and the small blooms around the larger one in the middle needed to be removed to acheive the prize bloom........Long story short, they now have 8, 4ft x 30ft planter boxes (that I built) full of dirt and weeds.............Using hedgers on them tears the stalks and prevents decent buds, use sharp anvil or shear type cutters...............Just my opinion, many are succesful with other methods.......They take a lot of time, and I add the charge per visit depending on the time......Eric
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