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Originally posted by TaylorLawn
...Using hedgers on them tears the stalks and prevents decent buds, use sharp anvil or shear type cutters...............Just my opinion, many are succesful with other methods.......They take a lot of time, and I add the charge per visit depending on the time......Eric
As the hedger is true if you don't take care of them. I live in Jackson Perkins Central. Big Company here and part of Bear Creek Corporation. I have been to many seminars on how to take care of Prize roses, and yes if you want prize roses you have to spend at least 1/2 hour a week per bush to get them.
I take care of people that don't have the time to do it themselves as do 95% of us. They want it as cheap as possible and the best results for the price. This means old granny wants her roses pruned 1 x a year. That means in jan or feb here we prun them at 6-12" high off the ground except rose trees and climbers. All bushes get this with the hedge trimmer (a sharp hedge trimmer at that).
Roses are butifull but they suck to prune and haul. Thorns are a pain in the ars. Get what you can if you need the money, cause this is a out of the normal season routine for us.
As for weekly or monthly pruning. I have several that I do and they are roughly what I charge for monthly lawn service. somewhere between 75 and 150 a month of the many lawns I do only 3 of these are willing to pay the prices of taking care of roses properly.

By the way a rose is a very resiliant bush. You can dang near starve it for water, cut it back way to far and never feed it and it will still produce nice blooms.
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