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99% clean cut. I know it is nice to select and take out the ones you don't want to lighten up the bushes and get the best blooms but I tell you for a early (before budding out) spring take down of rose bushes the hedge trimmer is the only way to go. I would definitely want to do it all by pruners but there is no way people are going to pay me what it is worth when most of them have min. of 20 rose bushes. I have one guy who has over 300 bushes on a 1/2 acre lot. It is beutifull first bloom and nice till about mid summer when they get tired of keeping up on them. What do they do ask you to do it and basically want it for free. I say 250 a month he said 50. Ok 125 and pull out hedge trimmers and only prune the ones that are really noticeable.
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