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Instructructional info, aids....

Wouldn't you think that a mfr would want us to get trained to use & specify THEIR products?

I find myself in probably a very similar place as The Rocke (orig post) - new, and not knowing a precipitation rate from a transpiration rate from gph to ymmv (you get the idea)

I've installed 3 systems - a complete 4 circuit automatic, a retrofit, and a low-flow/drip system. DAMN they took a LONG time! Something to be said for learning about the "tricks".... like "allow adequate spacing on the manifold" so the valves can screw on... (If you've never screwed up that one, I suppose you will!)

Today I just ordered to manuals from Rainbird - their LO FLOW Irrigation (drip) Manual, and their Complete Irrigation Manual.

They are apparently each about 100 pages, & cost around 11 buck for both, incl shipping. I didn't gripe about the cost, it's probably about what it costs them to print it.

Now, I wanted to get their Instructional Viedo & workbook, but they are in 5 modules at 30 bucks EACH. I'll try my local irrigation distributor & see if they have one to loan out (now THAT is a good Idea, no?)

Good luck.

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