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Equipment for starting out

I am in the process of finding equipment and was wondering what everyone thought would be the way to go? I am not doing commercial jobs this year, gonna see how the first year goes before I make the jump to the big money. I am just going to be doing residential accounts along with country accounts, 30-60 minute jobs. I was thinking of just getting a regular riding mower for the 1st year with a Stihl blower and trimmer. Save some coin at the start just in case business does not take off right away. If I get a lot of business, I may just get a zero-turn soon. I really like the Bad Boy Mowers, great price. I was thinking of the new PUP series 48 or 52 which run $4995 and $5495 respectively. Any suggestions? ExMarks are beat to death around here, most people in my area use them but I cant seem to find a good site for a price on them. I kinda wanted to stand out a little bit but not go overboard. I am gonna be doing work myself, make all the coin in my pocket. I actually got a commercial account I am 100% sure I can get, even this year if I want it, $350 per mow at my dad's factory where he is the Purchasing Manager so hires the lawn company . It is a job that takes 4-6 hours easily by myself and there are plenty of other factories will smaller lawns on the same road I think I might be able to get, probably 10-12 of them, hopefully I can get 1-3 more of them. Thanks for the help folks and good mowing this year.
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