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See if you can get a job part time doing lawns for someone else. You don't want to start with a bad rep as a person that doesn't know what they are doing. Alot of people take landscapers for granted because of this. Are you gonna be better off starting now? or in a couple years are you gonna be better off because you have a solid foundation and more confidence. Learn how to be efficient and it doesn't matter if you charge high rates. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Would you be better or worse? I hope that helps some. As far as the mower pick up a used 48 hydro wb for 1500 bucks. They were made to be used and abused. Say you mow 40 hours a week, right. Homeowner mower 30 minutes a week. Over 1 year it would be around 1300 hours you are gonna be putting on it. Homeowners in a year put about 20 hours a year on them. over 10 years homeowner = 200, commercial = 13000. Even if its used, buy the one made for wear and tear. Good luck.
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