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Originally posted by lawnlubber
I have been operating 12 years without a dba, it's not necessary. Yes I do have employees, I do pay workers comp, unemployment,sales tax, FICA, income tax and carry insurance. I think whether you get one depends on what type of business you have and how you plan to market it. You do need one to set up a business account at the bank in any other than your given name. You need the business account to cash checks made to a "business name." In my case all payments are made to me personally. If someone adds "lawn care" or something after my name, I can't cash that check. I run my business in a low-key, neighborly, informal way,so using just my own name suits me fine.

How do you claim all the expenses you pay if you dont show any income. How do you get your 04 number to pay fica, and all the other taxes if your not a dba?

Whats your workmens comp rate?
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