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Getting out of the yard business! Ive had enough

Hello, how is everyone? Just wanted to share quick rant. Ive been doing yards for almost 5 years and it took me till last year to even build it up yp 24 (welcome to waycross, Ga.) Im now down to 8 yards total. What happened was I had 12 customers to move, 2 passed away and and 2 decided to get soeone cheaper. like 10 to 15 dollars a yard. All of my yards are residentual and no contracts. From Dec till Feb. I have about starved to death. Have not averaged a 100 bucks a week! I talked to several other lco and they said they tell all there customers that when they do a yard its year round. I do not have OBE customer that will go for that in the 4 month winter period. Iknow I need better customers but have not been able to get them. I do yards in the sommer every 2 weeks and it should be every 10 days and my customers dont want it done that often. All the good customers are taken and Ive got the trash no one else wants. I really like what I do and really feel like a big failure. I have a excellent reputation so where did I go wrong? I read one post here about a person that was thinking about giving up a 60,000 dollar a year job to do this. Geez if someone offers me a job tommorow for 20,000 I would be exstatic!! Ive got to ask my dad tommorow for some help I cant even make my ZTR payment due tuesday and another loan due tommorow. In my 45 years Ive never asked for money help but Im about to get in trouble. Im very humiliated. I guess tommorow I will be going to wal-mart or flash foods and applying for a 5.15 an hour job. Gee now I really feel good about myself. Good luck to all you folks who have done well at it but I failed miserably. Thanks for the rant but I still dont feel no better.

PS anybody in south Ga need some good lawn equipment, maybe youll have better luck at it than I did.
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