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I think it is important to think safety first. I bought a new trailer
last year, a construction with no sides. I was not in the habit
of tying things down because I did not have to on my old trailer.
Well, the first week with the new trailer it was late, getting dark
and there was some rain coming in, I was in a hurry and forgot
to tie down my 21". I was almost home and heard a crash on the road. I looked out the mirror to see an $850.00 mower bouncing
down the road. Thank God it was on a sidestreet near my house
and not on the interstate and busy two lane I came home on.
I think it is safe to say that I learned a valuable lesson about
tying equipment down. I agree that to each his own but this is
an expensive way to learn and what if little Johnny was walking
home and was in the way. I shutter to think what the outcome
would have been.
Take care all, just my $.02.
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