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Last year, I lost an 8' extension ladder out of the back of my pickup on the highway. I had some other stuff in the back, so the ladder stuck about 2 feet over the edge of the tailgate (tailgate up). When I put it in the truck, I would've never in a million years thought that it could or would come out. Sure enough, I hit a small bump in the highway where they were doing some paving and out it came. I saw it in my rear view mirror (in slow motion of course) come out of the truck and skate across the highway. Fortunately several cars behind me were able to avoid it. By the time it stopped moving, it was sitting in the fast lane and everyone had to go around it. As I ran back to get it, I watched as cars had to swerve to avoid it and lets just say I was scared to death that someone was going to get hurt.

Now when I haul stuff, everthing gets tied down or caged. Not only did I risk my own life on a busy highway, I also risked the lives of others that had nothing to do with my stupidity. I can only imagine what would've happened if someone hadn't been able to avoid the ladder and actually wrecked because of it. I've hauled the same ladder many times before and in virtually the same position in the truck and not once did I feel it was a problem. Now when I use the ladder, I'm reminded of it everytime I see the scratches in the fiberglass. All I can say from the experience, is never again!!!!!
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