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Maybe you just need to re-think your business strategy.

1) NEVER tell a potential customer your hourly rate. NEVER. People who have never seen $40 an hour FREAK when they think about someone making that 'playing' in their yard. Price quote by the job. Period.

2) Two week lawns have KILLED many a good lawnman. In my area, people who want 2 week service are penny-pinchers of the worst sort. When I first started out I took on some 2-weekers. NEVER AGAIN. Couldn't sell them ANY extras...and during the rainy season their lawns were a wet, mile-high mess to service. Spent two to three times the amount of time that I should have making them look nice....and if the don't look nice when you are finished....people will notice...and NOT call you.

I dumped ALL of my 2-weeker's after that first season (except for 2, creeping red fescue in plenty of shade...SLOW growth!).....and only have about 7 10-dayer's left. I'm dumping them too at the end of this season. When people call me now the first thing I ask is "how often do you want your lawn mowed?" If I don't hear "every week" (and cannot convince then to go weekly).......I tell them "Thanks for calling....and have a nice day".

This will be my 5th season in the business and the only reason I survived this long is because I stuck to my plan and said "NO" to the tightwads. It takes patience....but believe me, it pays off in the long run. Easier work, time for more clients (and doing extras).....and more $$$ per week.

Weekly lawn clients tend to spring for the extras....and don't mind paying for it either. Mulch, bush trimming, name it. Helps get you humping it earlier in the season too.

Good luck hardworking-poorman.

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