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Hello SLS, not trying to be a smartalec but I chalenge you to come to my town with your plan and see if you get any once a weekers. NOT Im lucky to have 2 weekers and some 3 weekers. Our biggest LCO also does almost all 2 weekers. I would love to have ones like you got but not gonna happen here. I need to come to Tenn I guess. 2nd this is my old thread see new thread :I have had a change of attitude about lawn care: 3rd I NEVER tell a customer my hourly rate except this one old hag. When she opened the front door and I looked at the hate in those red eyes I KNEW I would not been doing business with this one for a 100 per hour. Once again when I read replys like this It sorta raises my blood pressure because I know where I live at sux and I envy people like SSL who has this kind of customers and I know it want happen here. Is there room in Tenn for one more LOL

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