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"i would tell him that I am very serious about buying the machine, but I will not consider it until he can back up his claims with a demonstration."

More or less what I told the dealer. The new blower does have a extra suction port for attaching a hose that the old style didnt have. It also has a door to close off where you feed the straw which is how I assume it creates its suction. I just wont be convinced it will suck bark off a truck and blow thru a hose until I see it. I have never seen a finn bark blower work but it somehow has to suck the bark into the blower before it can blow it out. I just dont see the tail gate mulcher having that much power so it might work somewhat, but I'm left wondering if it would be worth the trouble. If I wasnt already needing a straw blower I wouldnt even consider bark blowing as an option. If it does work as stated, that would definately make the Bowie a more desireable unit verses other models. I guess I need to go back and demand a demo, if nothing else to satisfy my curiosity.
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