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Quote on Rock Removal

Im putting together one of my first qoutes on a rock removal. Its 12 yards of mulch rock around a residential use. Im going to use a rock vac which will cost me $150 for the day. Dumping the rock will cost $180. I dont have a dump and my trailer gwv on the axes is only around 7,000 so im going to have to make upto 5 trips to the dump. for the 33,000 lbs of rock. Not quick sure how long it will take. The yard is under 6,000 sq feet and its big open spaces so wheel barrowing won't be difficult. What do you think you guys would estimate for this?... $800 came to mind but one side of me says thats going to be very high, but yet I don't really want to do it so thats what will make it worth my while.
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