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Hey Folks,<p>Just wanted to see what the rest of you open-trailer guys are using to keep your equipment in place, or get ideas from you on how I should.<p>I've got a 6.5 x 12' flat bed trailer with a wood deck. There is a 2.5&quot; round metallic railing around the front and sides raised about 1 foot above the deck. Flat 2&quot; metal strips hold the railing above the deck. On back is a large, grated metal tailgate that lowers to a ramp.<p>I took it out one day last week with my two 21&quot; Toros and my edger (I get my 36&quot; Exmark next week) and held it all in place by a 1&quot; x 12' cargo strap. It worked, but it's a pain to have to remove the whole strap every time then restrap everything in again. With my residentials, I make several stops a day and would like to be able to hold each piece in seperately, if possible, so I can quickly remove what I need for each job.<p>Was that clear? <p>Anyhow, let me know what you're doing. I'm new to the trailer thang, having had everything crammed into the back of my pickup and held in by, well, each other up to this point.<p>Your guidance is appreciated! <p>-TGC<br>
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