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I second what accuratelawns said. I know somebaody actually sells the block of wood idea made out of metal, can't remember if its trimmer trap or jungle jims or somebody, but check it out to get ideas from to make your own. There are also some 2&quot; thick cargo style starps, not ratchet, just pull-tite. Those work good too if you can mount a couple of eye hooks on your trailer. The best way to do it is put all your equipment on there they way you want it organized and then you'll be able to see better what you need to do to secure everything. Speaking of organizing the equipment on the trailer....there should be a plan, depending on your jobs. There were some jobs I had to use a trim mower (21&quot and not my 48&quot;'er but my dumbass had my trailer loaded with the 22 in front so I had to unload my 48 to get to it. TIME IS MONEY!! Figure out the way to organize your equipment that will save you time on accessing it all. Hope this helps!<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti
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