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'Gauranteed' installation

I got a call from a woman to look at a renovation at the other side of the county. I said it's little distant and she says it's a big back yard that had been grub infested. How big I inquire? She can't judge measurements but it's really big. Well what the heck, I'll drive there with the wife, take a look and then have dinner at a favorite Thai restaurant in the area. So I got there and found a fenced in yard, 3400 sq. feet, full of dead grass and dug up by two schnauzers that have run of the place.
So I give her a price of $700 to do a soil test, strip the sod, till, rake, seed, fert and mulch. Too high? She doesn't want to spend that much. I offer that I can do a soil test, fill the dog-dug holes, fert and slit-seed for $360. Today she says she wants a written gaurantee that she'll have a lush lawn. I'm going to walk away from this job but I'm wondering if any of you offer any kind of gaurantee on lawn installations.
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