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Lars, and Grassredneck, In mass you are both wrong, dead wrong,

If you are driving a commercial truck, includes pick ups you need a licence to transport pesticides, and to apply them, even if you do it for free. For hire dosnt mean you must be paid for it, it just means your not doing it on your own lawn.

I was a little unsure on the transporting the materials until I had a meeting with a state inspector a few weeks ago. And they confrimed this for me. If your driving a pick up with bobs lawn mowing on the side or pulling a trailer with a mower and blower on it and you got 1 bag of weed & feed you are breaking the law if you dont have a licence.

There was a landscaper around boston that didnt have a licence to apply so he just told all his customer he would do it for free. He just raised his mowing prices up to make the difference, I guess he got his advise from someone on this board, He got pulled over buy a state inspector and got fined for carrying a pallet of fert & dimension and not keeping proper pesticide records for all his " free " treatments.
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