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Originally posted by D Felix

And a truck with a chain just looks to redneckish to project a professional image on the job.
I kinda hear what your saying, but at the same time, I figure whatever gets the job done the most efficiently.

Obviously most of us don't have a mini excavator sitting around, so should I dig them out by hand when I could use my truck just so I don't look 'redneckish"?. Heck no.

But I definitely think we all need to be careful when doing this. Use some common sense. Don't underestimate the possibilities of an accident.

If it's real small, I'll just pull them out. If it's a bit bigger, I'll do a little digging first to "loosen" it up before pulling.

I'm sure not going to sit there spinning wheels trying to pull something out!!! As a matter of fact, I barely push the gas pedal.

I happen to use a tow rope rather then a chain, just because that's what I already have. Not really sure which is better or safer.

As far as price, I just go off of time and be sure to factor in hauling it away and dump fees and time to dump it.

I may eventually buy one of those winches you see in Harbor Freight (like $50-60 I think).
It may look slightly less "redneckish"(lol!), and I'm sure it could come in handy for other things (like a stuck mower, truck, etc.).
Plus you could use it in places where the truck can't get to as long as you have a nice big solid tree or something to anchor to (and a 12v battery to run it off of).
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